Colored Pencil Drawings

Colored Pencil Drawings


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  1. Lauren Wenk says:

    Hi Mrs. Nece,

    My name is Lauren Wenk and I am currently finishing up my Art Ed, degree at Bradley University in Illinois. I have been doing a year long water series. My first love is color pencil though even though I’ve been getting into acrylics. I love your current color pencil waves! What are your inspirations as far as any art history artists that you draw your water inspiration from? Or is there any other CPSA artists that do similar works like yours?

    Thanks = )


  2. Heather MBC says:

    Hi Melissa,
    We met at the Duniden art Center during 2009 Miniature Art Show. Your beach drawings are awesome. I know Bob Fritz and Marianne and they LOVE your work too! I’m currently working on mastering water and skies- your work is a big help! Just AWESOME!
    Heather MB Conversi

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